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Health Care

Branded healthcare products can be used as giveaways across a surprising number of industries – from travel, sports, through to beauty, and even when targeting parents. Our wide array of healthcare giveaways includes sanitisers, tissues, wipes, first aid essentials, and kits for everything from man flu through to winter survival. Show that your brand is useful in an emergency and genuinely offers practical solutions.

Promotional Survival Kits

As a tongue in cheek but genuinely useful giveaway, promotional survival kits are a fantastic option for a huge variety of brands. Our offering includes pamper kits, detox/hangover kits, first aid kits, and winter survival kits – perfect for seasonal use or throughout the year following big events. Hangover kits are especially appreciated around large celebrations like New Year’s Eve, while first aid kits can be used at practically any event or time of year.

Benefits of Branded Healthcare

Your choice of giveaway depends on the event and your specific business activities, but all of our branded healthcare giveaways share a wealth of benefits. They’re useful, offer high user value, and are all compact and portable, making it easier for your staff to transport them to and from events. They offer an alternative to standard pens, pads, and bags for an original and memorable promotion, and like all of our items they are available in a variety of colours and sizes, with excellent branding opportunities.

If you have a specific idea for an original healthcare giveaway, please get in touch – our team are always happy to source new products or even discuss bespoke giveaways to ensure you have the perfect giveaway to reflect your business’ vision.

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