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Food & Drink

Promotional food and drink is a great alternative to branded notepads or pens. It’s often a great draw to stands at exhibitions and a sweet treat or quick snack is always appreciated. You can even offer these branded items to visitors with a cup of tea of coffee while you discuss your offering.

Branded Biscuits

Sweet talk your clients with branded biscuits. They make great giveaways and gifts for special occasions and events, or just as a gift with purchase. These snacks are appreciated at long work events where people may be flagging and needs something sweet to go with their coffee.

Branded Chocolate

Chocolate’s delicious, perks you up, and even releases the same hormones as being in love – of course you want your business associated with it. Branded chocolate sweets or bars are an incredibly simple and widely appreciated giveaway, perfect for events throughout the year. Chocolate also keeps extremely well so you can order in advance for events throughout the year as long as you have somewhere cool and dry to store it.

Branded Drinks

Fundraising, sports events, and even conferences can be thirsty work – giving away water or energy drinks could bring people to your stand or just get a little more appreciation from potential clients. Coloured labels and caps reinforce your branding, and you can choose the right drink to reflect your brand values.

Branded Mints & Sweets

Stand out from the competition with cute branded mints and sweets – these are easy to leave at meetings, give out at events, or sell as an additional branded product. You can choose the type and size of mint, the packaging, and add your branding in any way. Opt for traditional mint tins or even a slim-line package that looks just like a business card.

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