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Ever wanted to turn your staff and customers into living billboards? Branded clothing does just that – reinforce your brand and message using the clothes your staff wear, or offer promotional clothing as a gift at events. Choose the perfect garment and design to reflect your business, whether that’s a bold statement or subtle embroidered logo.

Branded Hats

Caps, beanies, and even straw hats are a great way to offer a functional product to your visitors, or maintain your company branding. These are perfect for companies associated with active wear or simply outdoor events where your visitors may need some additional warmth or shelter from the sun.

Branded Hoodies

You can’t get more comfortable than a hoodie – choose from zipped and standard options to get the right fit and feel for your staff or customers. Perfect for more casual brands and businesses that want their customers to think of them again and again.

Branded Jackets & Coats

If your staff need to keep warm on the job, make coats and jackets part of their uniform. We offer a variety of types and cuts to suit any activity – whether they need to actively work outdoors or just need to keep warm. Coats also make an extremely high-value giveaway for valued customers and high spenders.

Branded Tops

T-shirts, vests, polos, and everything in between, tops are some of the industry’s favourite branded items. You can easily standardise your staff dress-code with branded t-shirts, give people a commemorative gift, or just get an entertaining campaign or slogan in front of more people. Choose polos for a more formal feel, or vest tops for summer events and casual dress codes.

Branded Kids’ Clothing

We offer kids sizing for businesses that cater to children and parents. Our kids range of merchandise also includes toys and games – take a look by clicking the options in our menu, or get in touch to discuss your options.


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