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Travel Bags

Travel bags are an excellent, luxury giveaway, either as a gift with purchase, an event giveaway, or even to help you maintain consistent branding when your team travel to see clients or attend events. We offer a range of travel bags, including smart bags and zippered pouches so that you can find the perfect accessory for your event or staff requirements. Full colour screen printing allows you to add your logo, slogan, or campaign statements to the bag, which will be seen throughout every trip.

Travel Bag Giveaways

Travel bags are typically seen as high end giveaways, either for brands associated with travel or with customers that typically leave the country or go on trips several times per year. Smaller toiletry travel bags are an excellent way to package further giveaways, or just as a stand-alone product, while larger items can even be used as carry-on luggage while flying.

Branding For Your Team

Promotional products aren’t just for your customers – they’re a great way to ensure that your staff stay on-brand. If you have a sales team or engineers who regularly travel to see your clients or attend events, branded bags will maintain a professional image and act as billboards that move around the country or even the world. Get your brand in front of thousands of additional people every year, and offer your staff a simple and appreciated perk at the same time.

If you’d like your branded travel bags to be a different size, colour, or material to the options here, please just get in touch. We can source according to your requirements or even have bespoke products made by our trusted suppliers so you have the perfect bag to represent your brand.

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