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There’s a reason why branded bags are a classic giveaway – they work. Every single niche and industry can use branded bags as an effective giveaway – whether you’re in education and want to offer something for teachers and students, in sport and would like a giveaway that gym-users will actually use, or if you’re just offering a little convenience to people at a tradeshow. Whether they’re used as packaging for another gift or as your main giveaway, promotional bags are used at least weekly by 73% of people who receive them.

Branded Gift Bags

Don’t waste an opportunity when giving away gifts and prizes – use the gift bag as another means of getting your brand and message out there. It’s perfect for smaller gifts, where you may not be able to get your full message onto the promotional item itself.

Branded Laptop Bags & Rucksacks

Want something a little more long-lasting? Create hard-wearing bags for your staff to maintain your brand image at meetings, or give away bags at an event with a tech or outdoors focus.

Branded Sports Bags

Our sports bags come in a range of styles and sizes, from small trainers bags, drawstring kit bags, through to larger gym bags. Maintain your brand identity and find quality that reflects your business.

Branded Totes & Shoppers

These are some of the most-used branded bags on the market. Since the 5p bag requirement, shoppers are using cotton and reusable bags on a daily basis – what better way to get your message and brand out there with a useful and eco-friendly product?

Branded Travel Bags

Whether you have a travelling sales force or just a business that works within the sector, travel bags are at the upper-end of promotional luggage. Take a look to find anything you may need, from document bags and holdalls through to carry-on luggage and suitcases.

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